Anti Virus 2010

Anti Virus 2010

Associated Files:

c:Program FilesAV2010
c:Program FilesAV2010AV2010.exe
c:Program FilesAV2010svchost.exe
c:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDesktopAV2010.lnk
c:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsAV2010
c:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsAV2010AV2010.lnk
c:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsAV2010Uninstall.lnk

Associated Registry Key’s:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerBrowser Helper Objects{FC8A493F-D236-4653-9A03-2BF4FD94F643}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “Windows Gamma Display”

How to Remove Anti Virus 2010 (Guide)

1) Reboot the PC/Laptop and Press F8 during boot up and when presented with the options select (Safe mode with Networking)

2) You may be prompted to stay in Safe Mode so Click Yes

3) Download and Install Malware Bytes (

4) Select Full Scan and select “Scan”

5) One Complete Press OK to View Results

6) You will now be back at the main Scanner screen. At this point you should click on the Show Results button.

7) A screen displaying all the malware that the program found will be shown as seen in the image below. Please note that the infections found may be different than what is shown in the image.

8 ) You should now click on the Remove Selected button to remove all the listed malware. MBAM will now delete all of the files and registry keys and add them to the programs quarantine. When removing the files, MBAM may require a reboot in order to remove some of them. If it displays a message stating that it needs to reboot, please allow it to do so. Once your computer has rebooted, and you are logged in, please continue with the rest of the steps.

9) Once the computer has been rebooted you should now be clean of Anti Virus 2010 but would advise a check into your Anti Virus System.

Any further problems please Contact me for help!

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