Customer wanted the ability to transfer call from their phone direct to another users Voicemail. Below is the config to achieve this using a custom SoftKey and also to enable MWI.

voice translation-profile XFER-VM
translate redirect-called 6

voice translation-rule 6
rule 1 /^6/ //

dial-peer voice 6 voip
translation-profile outgoing XFER-VM

transfer-pattern 6… blind

ephone-template 10
softkeys idle Redial Newcall Cfwdall Pickup Gpickup Dnd Login
softkeys seized Cfwdall Endcall Redial Pickup Gpickup Callback
softkeys connected Hold Endcall Trnsfer TrnsfVM Confrn Acct Park

ephone-dn 6
number 6… no-reg primary
call-forward all 2000
call-forward max-length 4

ephone-dn 48
number 8000… no-reg both
mwi on
ephone-dn 49
number 8001… no-reg both
mwi off

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