Enabling Live Record is a very straight forward process start by creating the Live Record DN:

ephone-dn 205
number 2002 no-reg primary
call-forward all 2000

*Note – Call Forward all should be the Voicemail Extension Number

Next, in your ephone-template you need to enable the LiveRecord button on the Softkeys:

Here is my entire Ephone-Template that I use 99% of the time:

ephone-template 10
url services 1 Voicemail
url services 2 http://singlewire.com/freeservices/menu SingleWire
softkeys idle Redial Newcall Cfwdall Pickup Gpickup Dnd Login
softkeys seized Cfwdall Endcall Redial Pickup Gpickup Callback
softkeys connected Hold Endcall Trnsfer TrnsfVM LiveRcd Confrn Acct Park

Assign the template to the phone:

ephone  10
ephone-template 10

Now under Telephony-Service add the Live Record extension:

live-record 2002
voicemail 2000

Now login to your CUE usually by: service-module ISM 0/0 session

2921-CUE(config)# voicemail live-record pilot-number 2002

These two command not needed but I want the beeps to be further apart than defaults and the beeps to be longer.

2921-CUE(config)# voicemail live-record beep interval 30
2921-CUE(config)# voicemail live-record beep duration 500

That’s it!

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