I had a weird issue on a Cisco 2911 router where we installed a EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU and the link came up when we plugged in the cable but when we disconnected and reconnected the status would go down and get stuck down. I am sure this is the same across the entire 2900 range.

Link Config:

interface GigabitEthernet0/2/0
description **SIP Trunk Link**
ip address
ip nat inside
ip virtual-reassembly in
duplex auto
speed auto

This card has a SFP and RJ-45 slot and it turns out we needed to specify the media type by using this command:

media-type rj45

Port now comes back online fine. Never had this issue before and we are on the latest version of the IOS

(C2900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.3(1)T


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